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Kokuvil Hindu College massacre – 24 October 1987

Kokuvil village is in the Nallur AGA Division of Jaffna District. Kokuvil Hindu College is located about four miles west of the Kokuvil junction on KKS Road.
Following the clashes between the Indian forces and the LTTE that started on 10 October, there were widespread aerial attacks and artillery attacks. More than one thousand people from, Kokuvil east and Annaikoddai had taken refuge in Kokuvil Hindu College fearing these attacks. The people also flew white flags in the main spots inside the college to notify that those inside the college were civilians taking refuge.On 24 October, the Indian forces moving in heavy military vehicles along the KKS road towards Jaffna town started firing artillery from their tanks directly into the Kokuvil Hindu College buildings where people had taken refuge. All together 26 civilians taking refuge in one classroom was killed by these attacks. A further 14 injured civilians died without medical care while they were being taken to smaller hospitals. Among the 40 civilians killed in this attack is the Dean of Education Department of Jaffna University, Professor Chandrasekaram. Another 80 people were injured in the attack.
Since the environment did not permit proper cremation of the dead bodies they were all buried in one ditch dug in the playground of the college.
Sinnathurai Panchalingam of Nanathavil West Lane, Thavady said in his affidavit.
“We took refuge in Kokuvil Hindu College which is about 500 metres from our home because of firing in our area. On 26 October we were in the Kokuvil Hindu Primary School when Indian forces started firing from Kokuvil junction. My sister Kamaladevi was killed on the spot. Three others nearby were also killed. We left the dead body of my sister and moved to Kokuvil Hindu College. Already 30 people were killed at Kokuvil Hindu College and their bodies were cremated on 1 November by the military personnel.”
Available details of those killed (No., Name, Occupation, Age)
01. Rasaih Panchalingam, , 43
02. Rasaih Selvarani, , 37

03. Ramu Rasu, Farmer, 60
04. Nagaratnam Vijayaratnam, , 46
05. Nadarasa Rasakumaran, , 44
06. Nadarasa Rajeswari, , 24
07. Nadarasa Gunarani, , 35
08. Nadarasa Thamilselvi, Student, 10
09. Nadarasa Sabeshkumar, Student, 06
10. Nadarasa Ramathy, student, 13
11. Nadesu Parameswari, ,51
12. Nallaih Pakiyam, , 50
13. Kandaih Sangarapillai, Retailer, 65
14. Kanthavanam Maheswari, , 52
15. Kunabalasingam Pathmasri, Student, 08
16. Paramu Thangamani, Home maker, 24
17. Parameswaran, Manonmani, , 35
18. Parameswaran malini, , 01
19. Tharmalingam Nisanthan, , 02
20. Thuraisamy Kumarasamy, Retired, 72
21. Thambirasa Nadarsa, Retired, 61
22. Venugopal Mahathevan, , 41
23. Mahathevan Rasammah, , 28
24. Mahathevan Balamurugan, Students, 09
25. Mahathevan Venukrishna, Students, 07
26. Mahathevan Vigneswaran, Student, 10
27. Annasingam Kamaladevi, Home maker, 33
28. Periyathambi rassaih, , 30
29. Chandrasegaram, Professor,
30. Selvanayagam manickaratnam, Retired, 69
31. Sellar Thiraviyam, , 53
32. Suppiral Govindasamy, Retired, 72
33. Sivaguru Sellathurai, Retired, 85
34. Visvanathi Vijayaratnam, labourer, 40