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Moolai hospital massacre – 5 November 1987

Moolai village is situated in the Sanganai AGA Division of the Valigamam west area of the Jaffna District. Moolai hospital has been providing health services to the people in the surrounding villages.
The people of the village were living amidst severe lack of medical services

and the Moolai hospital was their ray of hope for obtaining some of the much needed medical service. On 5 November 1987, the hospital was crowded with the usual number of inpatients, outpatients and visitors when it came under the artillery attack of the Indian forces. More than five civilians were killed, many more were injured and the hospital sustained damages.
Available details of those killed (No., Name, Occupation, Age)
01. Nagar Mahenthiran, Retailer, 44
02. Kandaih Mahathevan, Driver, 48
03. Kandasamy Sritharan, Retailer, 18
04. Iyathuraai Perinpanayagam, Retired, 58
05. Joseph Yogarasa, Labourer, 35