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Batticaloa common market massacre – 12 Dec 1987

The main market for the Batticaloa District, located in the Batticaloa town, is used by a very large number of people of the town and district. On 12 December 1987, around 10.00am in the morning, a large contingent of Indian forces was on duty surrounding the market. Suddenly, the Indian forces started shooting at the people in the market. They burnt down the shops in the market. They threw the dead bodies of the civilians and even those who were dying into the fire. Among those thrown alive into the fire by the Indian forces were two babies.
More than 159 civilians were killed on that day in the Batticaloa market by the Indian forces. More than 85 bodies were burnt down together with the shops. Another 39 bodies of those killed was taken to the Batticaloa hospital and buried.