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Kaththar Sinnakulam massacre – 07 January 1989

Kaththar Sinnakulam is a village in the border of Vavuniya AGA Division of Vavuniya district. Farming is the main stay of the people of this village. The villagers have suffered a great deal in the hands of the Sinhala people who were settled in the adjoining areas.
On 17 January 1989, the people were carrying out their normal daily work without realising that the Indian forces had entered their village. The Indian forces started firing at the people. People eating their breakfast, farmers working in their fields, pregnant mothers and children were killed in the shooting. More than 14 people were thus killed. Several were injured and many homes were set on fire.
Available details of those killed (No., Name, Occupation, Age)
01. Rasaih Mohan, , 44
02. Ramasamy Maruthamuthu, ,
03. Rasalingam Muthaih, Farmer, 75
04. Kuppan Sinnaih, Farmer, 75
05. Karupalahu Sarasvathy, , 32
06. Tharmalingam Suntharalingam, Student, 14
07. Manickam Sellamma, , 60
08. Meena Subbaih, ,
09. Anumanthu Subramanium, ,
10. Alagan Veeraih, ,

11. Ponnusamy Karuppaih, Labourer, 36
12. Perumal Meena, ,67
13. Perumal Sinnathamby, Farmer, 22
14. Subramanium, Farmer, 54
15. Suppaih Sinnathamby, ,
Available details of those injured: (No., Name)
01. Panchalingam Nanthini
02. Panchalingam Thavamani
03. Sinnamuthu Arumugam