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Report on the Deliberate Abduction and Murder of M.Sathananthan.!

Report on the Deliberate Abduction and Murder of M. Sathananthan

Victim                  : Mathavarasa Sathananthan

Age                      : 26 years

Date                     : 26.05.2006

Present Address   : Sivapuri Trincomalee

Occupation                   : Gold smith

Birth place           : Kadatkarai senai, Sampoor

Remarks              : His brother is an LTTE Cadre

 A quick a mode of travel form Trincomalee town to Kadatkaraichenai is to take the ferry from Trincomalee to Mutur and Cross the border checkpoint at Kaddaiparichchan and enter the LTTE area. On 26th May around 9.30 am, Sathananthan, his wife and an uncle arrived by ferry form Trincomalee town to mutur jetty to go to their village in LTTE area.

Mutur jetty like the Trincomalee jetty is heavily controlled by the Sri lankan Navy. There are Sri Lankan Navy camps as well as Sri Lankan police camps around the Mutur jetty. The entire jetty area is like a Sri Lankan Navy complex. After getting off the ferry the three passengers went into an eating place to have breakfast. The eating  place is located next to the Sri Lankan Navy Camp ( see map)

Just as the three were finishing their meal, Sri lankan Navy men arrived and took the uncle to the back of the shop for investigations. When the uncle was released, the SLN took Santhananthan for investigation. When he was also released the three travelers left the shop. As they left the shop, four or five men in civilian clothes took Sathananthan away through the SLN barrier, pushed him into a White-van drove away. His wife

Immediately went and complained to the SLN camp and the police both of which were very close by. Both said they do not know anything about it and shooed her away

They uncle in the meantime noticed that the men in civil clothes who abducted Sathananthan were also at the back of the shop when the SLN were investigating him. Therefore they were also there when Sathananthan was investigated.

Distraught wife and uncle went to ICRC but were told they do not work on Saturdays. SLMM was also told of the abduction. By night the same day , Sathananthan’s wife  heard the news that her husband’s dead body was found in fornt of the st. Methodist Church in Muthur  two kilometers form the Mutur Jett.

Sathananthan’s body had marks showing that his body was pierced with wire. His mustache has been plucked. There were burn marks on his face. His legs were broken.

Sathananthan’s funeral took place on Sunday at his home.


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