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Vallipunam Senchcholai massacre: Thambirasa Suganthini

Full name: Thambirasa Suganthini
Address: Alampil, Mullaithivu
Occupation: Student
School: Mullaithivu Mahavidhyalam
DOB: 18.02.1988
Age (then): 18
Marital status: Single

Account from a relative:
Suganthini is myeldest daughter. She was following GCE Advanced
Level courses at Mullaithivu Mahavidhyalayam. She went to attend a
leadership workshop. She left on a Thursday. On Monday Kfir
bombers attacked the Vallipunam area. Yet, we did not think the
location where our child was staying will be attacked. It would have
been about 9.45am. The girl from our neighbourhood who also went
to the workshop came home unharmed and told us that our daughter
was killed in the Kfir attack. We immediately went to the
Puthukkudiyiruppu hospital and found the body of our daughter with
injuries to her chest and waist. This government has killed so many
civilians including many students.


Coroner’s Report

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