Vallipunam Senchcholai massacre:05-Vyravamoorthy Kiruthika

Full name: Vyravamoorthy Kiruthika
Address: Semmalai, Alampil, Mullaithivu
Occupation: Student
School: Mullai.Semmalai Mahavidhyalam
DOB: 12.07.1987
Age (then): 19
Marital status: Single

Account from a relative
Sister (Vyravamoorthy Samanthy):

My sister Vyravamoorthy Kiruthika was following her GCE Advance level at Semmalai Mahavidyalayam. She went to attend a leadership training workshop with her friends in Senchcholai complex in Vallipunam. After she went there, on 14 August 2006, the Sri Lankan Kfir jets attacked the Vallipunam area. It was about 10.00am, when I
came to know that it came to the location, where my sister was attending the workshop and it was the target of the Kfir attack. Immediatly we went to search for her. Then we heard that Kiruthika’s dead body was lying in Mullaithivu hospital. We went to the hospital and found her body. There was a big injury in her head. My mother also was not at home at that time. She went to Jaffna teaching hospital for treatment and her health didn’t let her to travel. I couldn’t
do anyhthing other than cry out loud. She was my only sister and she loved me a lot. I have lost her love.

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