Vallipunam Senchcholai massacre:18-Varatharasa Mankaleswary

Full name: Varatharasa Mankaleswary
Address: Tharumapuram East,
Occupation: Student
School: Kilinochchi Tharmapuram M.V
DOB: 24.07.1989
Age (then): 17
Marital status: Single

Family details:

Account from a relative:
I lost my husband also. I was struggled a lot to educate my daughter Makeswary. I was praying for a bright future for her. She was studying at Tharmapuram Mahavidyalayam. She went to Vallipunam, Senchcholai complex with her friends to participate in a leadership workshop. I hoped that she would return home safely. On 14 August 2006, Sri Lankan Kfir fighter jets attacked Vallipunam. After the attack the news spread that the school girls who gathered together to
attend a workshop were targeted by the Kfirs. Also I heard that many girls were killed and injured by the attack. I ran towards the Senchcholai complex. Some of the girls who escaped from the attack said that my daughter was injured and was transported to Kilinochchi hospital. I went to the hospital. I searched her there. Then I went to the site where some dead bodied were kept together. In that site I found my daughter’s body. I never thought that I would lose my daughter this soon. I need her love. But, the government killed her brutally.

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