Norwegian Ambassador in meeting with counsellors !

A coordinated response to provide psychosocial support to the survivors of the tsunami was initiated by CHC (Centre for
Health Care). The first meeting to launch this effort was held on January 2005 a week after the tsunami disaster. NESOHR
chairperson Fr Karunaratnam was nominated to coordinate this effort. Sixty-five practising counsellors from 5 different
organizations that were already providing counselling services
attended the first meeting.

At the follow up meeting held at the NESOHR office in Killinochchi in January 2005 counsellors gathered to share their experiences and learn from it. It was noted that training should be given to everyone who is working with the
survivors. The third meeting took also place in January at UNICEF office in Killinochchi. Norwegian Ambassador,
Hans Bratskar came to the meeting in February at the
NESOHR office to discuss the counselling services for tsunami survivors.

NESOHR continues to coordinate the counselling services and
through this is able to closely monitor tsunami rehabilitation and reconstruction work.

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