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Monthly report – march 2008.!

Monthly Report – March 2008



Human Rights violations recorded by North East Secretariat on Human Rights (NESoHR) for the month of March 2008 are classified below and full details of

each category appear as attachment to this report:


  • Killings: 19
  • Injury: 07
  • Surrendering with HR commission in Jaffna for life protection: 09
  • Disappearance: 42
  • Arrests: 88

 We made specific mention in our report for February 2008 of issues that remained unresolved having in mind the ongoing UN Human Rights sessions at the time of our reporting. Those unresolved issues include the following that continue to affect the Tamil people mostly living in military occupied areas:

Closure of the entry/exit point ‐ Jaffna peninsula

  • Curfew and arbitrary restrictions on fishing
  • Re‐settlement of forced evacuees – High Security Zones
  • Indiscriminate aerial bombing and claymore mine attack on civilian targets
  • Arbitrary detentions and torture
  • Devalued Tamil parliamentary representation


NESoHR as the Human Rights body of the Tamil people had high hopes in the UN Human Rights session in view of the buildup of opinion against human rights violations committed by state actors in Sri Lanka. Most disappointingly we find that Sri Lanka was able to hold fort and technically defend its totally unacceptable

human rights record in spite of the many adverse reports on human rights violations against the Tamil people. This is the advantage rogue states have over unrepresented people in the UN.


NESoHR has the responsibility to voice the concerns of an unrepresented people in the UN who have been deceptively made a minority in their land of birth to depend on a majority with a supremacist psychosis by the colonial powers when they left the island. Series of communal riots against the Tamil people since the British left and a transparent ‘Sinhala Only’ administration that treats these people differently, discriminating them in all matters of governance and humiliating them as a dependant minority, do not seem to have a cumulative effect on the civilized humanity when it comes to stricture resolutions against the defaulting member state in the UN. The General Assembly resolution 60/251 emphasizes the responsibilities of all States, in conformity with the Charter,” to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms for ALL, WITHOUT DISTINCTION OF ANY KIND AS RACE, COLUR, SEX, LANGUAGE OR RELIGION, POLITICAL OR OTHER OPINION, NATIONAL OR SOCIAL ORIGIN”. We quote this here to highlight the denial of human rights to a section of the people in the island because of their race, religion and nationality being distinctly different from that of the majority Sinhala people. Successive governments of this island since independence from colonial rulers have framed legislations discriminating the Tamil people by the numerical device of a majority/minority dispensation. This has been the cause of democratic protests that were all nullified by the ‘numerically democratic majority’ in the parliament, making the Tamil people voiceless in the country’s legislature. The political problems of the Tamil people should therefore be seen in the light of injustices and discrimination over the years since 1948 and the government mandated to deliver equitably to all the people. It is for this reason that NESoHR is insistent on a political resolution of the conflict through negotiated means, putting in place political arrangements with

guarantees for fundamental rights.


The world body fails to see the immunity with which the Sri Lankan government and its agencies violate human rights norms vis‐à‐vis the Tamil people. The local mechanism to ensure good governance with respect for human rights has miserably failed and there is widespread call for the establishment of a UN body to monitor human rights violations. Sri Lanka’s claim that establishing such a body is an infringement on the sovereignty and integrity of the state does not hold water as long as series of mass murders and disappearances of Tamil people during communal pogroms and military offensives are not investigated by neutral agencies and perpetrators brought to book in a transparent manner. Diplomatic manipulations and unquestioned rhetoric by Sri Lanka in the world body should not be allowed to white wash the grim ground reality.


In the matter of forced eviction, the Sri Lankan representative deceitfully denied the inhumanity unfolding in Mannar whereas the very same government’s agencies and the NGO community in the district report that people are getting displaced everyday due to the on‐going military operation. Living conditions of those who are displaced is reportedly horrible due to the influx every day of new evacuees. Medical authorities in the district report that there is an acute shortage of essential drugs and this is attributed to the lethargic attitude of the Ministry of Defense that has to ratify the approval of the Ministry of Health for the usual quota of drugs, and the newly created military check point at Medawachchiya which involves long delay in allowing truck traffic to Mannar and Vavuniya. The ICRC has reported on this bottle neck that is causing lot of delays in the traffic of persons and goods into the north, notwithstanding the fact that the main highway (A‐9) to the Jaffna peninsula remains closed for more than one year now.


Artillery shelling from the military positions in the occupied Mannar Island has reached an unprecedented proportion in that, Madhu Church, the Holy Shrine of the Lady of Refuge, the only existing 500 years Old Catholic shrine is now in the trajectory. Artillery shells falling in the vicinity of the Holy Shrine has since been reported and it is feared that the priests and the people, mostly refugee population in the shrine may be displaced very soon.


Indiscriminate aerial bombing and clandestine claymore mine attacks are taking a very heavy toll and the last victim of the latter was Mr.K.Sivanesan, an elected Member of Parliament for the Jaffna District on whose assassination NESoHR made a special report in view of his active participation in human rights activities initiated by us. As a leading co‐operative official in the Palmyrah and Coconut Development Societies Mr.Sivanesan, after his election as a legislator, made use of the floor of the house to voice the grievances of the Tamil peasantry. Sivanesan the vociferous was not very much liked by the ruling elite and ironically he paid for it with his life.


Torture while in government custody was another area the Sri Lankan representative glossed over. Civilizedworld abhorred the level of torture Tamil detainees underwent during the riots of 1983 and NESoHR wishes to share the current unchanged status of torture the Tamil detainees under the Prevention of Terrorism Act are subject to since 1990 in Sri Lankan detention centers. Most of these victims languish in the torture chambers of Sri Lankan jails due to the inaccessibility to legal remedy. However much the Sri Lankan representative tried

to gloss over, the international community cannot be blind to the various reports relating to human rights violations, the latest being the one presented by the international panel while abruptly terminating their assignment due to government interference, prejudice and malignancy in matters relative to investigations. NESoHR cannot remain complacent after dutifully submitting a monthly report on human rights violations against the Tamil people every month. It may be sufficient in a country that is reasonably fair and just to all its people but not so with Sri Lanka. Incessant follow‐up is absolutely necessary in matters connected with

violations against the Tamil people and NESoHR while reiterating the need for prompt follow up by leading human rights organizations, wishes also to emphasize the urgency of a political arrangement that would be in conformity with international norms for human rights. A people who are victims of a three decade old civil war deserve such an effective and immediate intervention.



Chairperson  NESoHR


Military Operation and resultant closure of MOH Division.


Due to on‐going military operations in Mannar District, two medical divisions (Medical Officer of Health – MOH) Manthai West and Madhu have been closed which the population is displaced and taken refuge in adjourning safer areas. The slots of two medical officers of Health (MOH) three public Health Inspectors (PHI) twelve mid‐wives have been cancelled. Nine mid‐wives and two PHI’s appointed for this area have not taken up their positions here and instead been transferred to military occupied part of Mannar. It is reported that these moves were effected on the orders of the military governor of the Province. Consequent to this 08 rural health clinics have been suspended depriving health care to 200 pregnant mothers and 250 infants under 1 year. Medical supplies to for the 4th Quarter of 2007 was never received and issue for the 1st Quarter of 2008 has

also not arrived as yet.

Civilians Killed March – 2008

No Name and Address Date Incident District


01 Sakthivelpillai Raja ‐    Iralkuli Vannaththivillu  Puththalam             12.02.2008           Puththalam

02 Raja Niranjala ‐             Iralkuli Vannaththivillu Puththalam              12.02.2008          Puththalam

03 Thiyagappan Kurunathapillai ‐ Kolavil Alaiyadivempu Akkaraipattu Amparai 01.03.2008 Amparai

04 Kanthasamy Revathy ‐                Kopay Jaffna                                                      01.03.2008          Jaffna

05 A driver                                                                                                            03.03.2008           Trincomalee

06 A dead body of Tamil youth                                                                       04.03.2008          Amparai

07 Kiddinar Sivanesan ‐     Mallavi Mullaitivu                                              06.03.2008           Mullaitivu

08 Periyanna Maheswararaja ‐ Vavuniya                                                     06.03.2008           Mullaitivu

09 Ratnam Vadivel ‐ Thampanai, Naranthanai North, Kayts, Jaffna     07.03.2008           Jaffna

10 Veerasingam Kumar ‐ Sinnapanankadu Aalaiyadivempu Amparai  08.03.2008          Amparai

11 Ratnam Vinayageswaran ‐ Meesalai West Meesalai Jaffna                                11.03.2008           Jaffna

12 Sivagnanam Kulasingam ‐ Nilaveli Trincomalee                                    11.03.2008           Trincomalee

13 One Tamil civilians 13.03.2008 Trincomalee

14 One youth ‐ Kinniya Uppuveli Trincoamlee                                             15.03.2008           Trincomalee

15 Sellaththurai Ketheeswaran ‐ Nallur Poonakari Kilinochchi                                 16.03.2008           Jaffna

16 Mahalingam Sasikumar ‐ Selvapuram Poonakari Kilinochchi            18.03.2008           Kilinochchi

17 Illaiyathamby Karthigesu ‐ Kiramothaya road Kalmunai Amparai   18.03.2008          Amparai

18 Alpirad Puspa ‐               Thekkankadu Vavuniya                                 28.03.2008                           Vavuniya

19 Keerththy Vijai ‐            Word‐08 Akkaraipattu Amparai                      28.03.2008                           Amparai

20 Narayanan Muththulingam ‐ Monarakala                                                              29.03.2008                           Monarakala

21 Kurunthaipillai Vijai ‐ Kannakipuram Akkaraipattu Amparai            29.03.2008                          Batticaloa

22 One Teacher –                Batticaloa                                                             31.03.2008                           Batticaloa


Civilians Disappeared March – 2008

No Name and Address Date Incident District

01 Mahalingam Piratheepan ‐                          Urelu Jaffna                         27.02.2008                           Jaffna

02 K.Saseetharan –                                             Jaffna                                    28.02.2008                           Jaffna

03 Veerasingam Benadict ‐               Mukaththuvaram Colombo             01.03.2008                          Colombo

04 Akilan –                                                           Colombo                               01.03.2008                           Colombo

05 Poologarajah Sasikaran ‐                             Wellawatte Colombo          01.03.2008                           Colombo

06 Siththiravel Sivanantham ‐                          Wattale Colombo                                01.03.2008                          Colombo

07 S.Punniyamoorthy ‐                      Nakkalai Estate, Monarakala          02.03.2008                          Monarakala

08 Kunasuntharam Pusparani ‐ Pasikkuda Valaichchenai Batticaloa    03.03.2008                          Batticaloa

09 Yoganatham Jasothini ‐               Valaichchenai Batticaloa                  04.03.2008                          Batticaloa

10 Yogarajah Arunrajah ‐                                 Colpetty Colombo             04.03.2008                          Colombo

11 Palasuppiramaniyam Kantharuban ‐ Uduvil Jaffna                                              05.03.2008                           Jaffna

12 Rasenthiram Anthoni Ranjan ‐ Olaiththoduvai Pesalai Mannar       06.03.2008                           Mannar

13 Seviyar Pikirado ‐                          Pallimunai Mannar                             06.03.2008                          Mannar

14 Uvanis Lonard Olpan Pihirado ‐ Pallimunai Mannar                             06.03.2008                          Mannar

15 Saththiyogu Sahayanathan Pihirado ‐ Pallimunai Mannar                  06.03.2008                           Mannar

16 Viyoodsan Roch ‐                          Pallimunai Mannar                             07.03.2008                           Mannar

17 Arokkiyam Laxman Perera ‐      Pallimunai Mannar                             07.03.2008                           Mannar

18 Alexshandar John ‐                       Pallimunai Mannar                            07.03.2008                           Mannar

19 Kanesh Karna ‐                              Pallimunai Mannar                             07.03.2008                           Mannar

20 Penchamin Ahilan Perera ‐          Pallimunai Mannar                             07.03.2008                          Mannar

21 One fisherman ‐                             Mullaitivu                                             09.03.2008                           Puththalam

22 Kathiravan Ruban ‐                      Jaffna Town                                         09.03.2008                           Jaffna

23 Jotheeswaran Sivanathakumar ‐                Colombo                                              09.03.2008                           Colombo

24 J.Arokkiyanathan Roch ‐             Pallimunai Mannar                             10.03.2008                           Mannar

25 S.Judlas Pihirodo ‐                         Pallimunai Mannar                             10.03.2008                           Mannar

26 Varnakulasingam Kulatheepan ‐ Kaalaiyadi south Pandaththarippu Jaffna 10.03.2008                             Jaffna

27 Kovinthasamy Rajanathan ‐ Kalpola veethy Hottahena Colombo   14.03.2008                          Colombo

28 Poopalasuntharam Mahenthiran ‐ Karaveddi Jaffna                            15.03.2008                           Jaffna

29 Mayavu Dillirasan ‐                      Vaddukkoddai Jaffna                       15.03.2008                           Jaffna

30 Tharmakulasingam Mayooran ‐                Jaffna                                                    16.03.2008                           Colombo

31 M.Tharmaraja ‐             Kumpukkan Estate Monarakalai                   18.03.2008                           Monarakala

32 Kunaratnam Krishnarajah ‐        Kotahena Colombo                            18.03.2008                           Colombo

33 Sellaththurai Jegan ‐                      Nunawil Jaffna                                    19.03.2008                           Jaffna

34 Edverd Pathmanathan ‐               Wellawaththai Colombo                    22.03.2008                          Colombo

35 Two civilians ‐                                Manmunai Batticaloa                       23.03.2008                           Batticaloa

36 One civilian ‐                                   Kokkuvil Batticaloa                          23.03.2008                           Batticaloa

37 Ledsumanan Thevasanchayan ‐ SinnaOrani Batticaloa                      23.03.2008                           Batticaloa

38 Perinparasa Puvipalan ‐               Sinnaorani Batticaloa                        23.03.2008                           Batticaloa

39 Thampappillai Kajan ‐                 Madduvil Jaffna                                                24.03.2008                          Moratuwa

40 Kaneshan Selvaranjan ‐                               Alaveddy Jaffna                                                24.03.2008                          Moratuwa

41 Sivalingam Aarooran ‐                                 Vadamarachchi Jaffna                      24.03.2008                           Moratuwa

42 Subramaniyam Jenarththanan ‐ Pandiyanthalvu Kolombothurai Jaffna 26.03.2008                   Jaffna

43 Sebasthiyan Antanirajah ‐ Word‐08 Pesalai Mannar                            27.03.2008                          Mannar

Human Rights violations against the Tamil Civilians – March 2008


  1. 29.02.2008 Search operation – Vadamarachchi A search operation was conducted from 8.00 a.m. till 10.30 a.m. on 29.02.2008 at Navindil in Vadamarachchi Jaffna. During this, two youths were taken to the Army camp for inquiry. They were released after severe torture.
  2. 01.03.2008 A dead body of woman recovered at Kopay The dead body of Kanthasamy Revathy aged 47 from Kopay, Jaffna was recovered from Kopay area on 01.03.2008
  3. 01.03.2008 A trader killed at Akkaraipattu Thiyagappan Kurunathapillai, a trader, aged 56, from Nadaraja veethy, Kolavil, Akkaraipattu, Amparai was shot and killed on 01.03.2008 at 10.30 p.m. in his house by unidentified armed men. First, the armed men knocked at the door and wanted the door opened. When they refused to open the door out of fear, they broke the door and entered the house. The wife and two children were severely injured while the other two children were slightly hurt.
  4. 01.03.2008 One Tamil was abducted in Colombo It is said that Sri Lankan Army and three persons in civil clothes abducted Veerasingam Benedict, a familied man, aged 37, from Mutwal Colombo on 01.03.2008 in Kathiranawaththa Colombo. He has not returned home.
  5. 01.03.2008 Shell attack – Vadamarachchi East in Jaffna The Sri Lankan Army was conducting continuous shell attack targeting the civilian settlements in

Vadamarachchi East in last few days. During this yielding trees and houses of the people were damaged.

  1. 02.03.2008 Round up and Search Operation at Velanai A round up and Search operation was conducted on 02.03.2008 from 8.00 p.m. till 12.00 p.m. in

Velanai one of the Islets in Jaffna by the Sri Lankan Army. During this, the Sri Lankan Army took the Identity Cards of 16 youths. They compelled that the youths should go to their camp and sign.

  1. 02.03.2008 A search operation at Kurunagar A search operation was conducted on 02.03.2008 from 4.00 a.m. till 12.00 p.m. at Kurunagar and in the surrounding areas by the Sri Lankan Army. During this all of them were taken to common areas and intensely interrogated.
  2. 02.03.2008 Sri Lankan Army threats people The Sri Lankan Army went house to house on 02.03.2008 during the night and threatened the people of Nayanmarkaddu to cut the trees along the road.
  3. 02.03.2008 Harrasment by Sri Lankan Police The Sri Lankan Police located in Valvettithurai junction in Jaffna harassed the devotees going to Selvasannithy Temple. 12 devotees who were travelling in a van were returned on 02.03.2008. It is said that they refused to give money to the Police.
  4. 02.03.2008 A youth abducted S.Punniyamoorthy aged 28, from Nakkala Estate; Monaragala was abducted on 02.03.2008 at Orampuwa, when he went in his three wheeler. Three wheeler was recovered from the Orampuwa jungle area by the Monaragala Police.
  5. 02.03.2008 One Tamil youth arrested The Nuwara Eliya police arrested Krishnamoorthy Dias aged 19 from Akkarapaththani Aadlo Estate on 02.03.2008 in Nuwara Eliya when he returned from Nuwara Eliya hospital.


  1. 03.03.2008 One man killed and two men injured at Haparana Sri Lankan Navy vehicle and a lorry crashed at Habarana road in Trincomalee on 03.03.2008. During this, the lorry driver was killed and another two persons who were travelling on the lorry were injured.


  1. 03.03.2008 A female student abducted – Valaichchenai Kunasuntharam Pusparani, a student, aged 16, from Pasikkuda Valaichchenai Batticaloa was abducted on 03.03.2008 during the night by paramilitary troopers who came in a white van. It is to be noted that her parents were killed by tsunami. This is reported to the Valaichenai Police by the relatives.


  1. 03.03.2008 Aerial bombing in Mullaitivu area Sri Lankan Air force planes bombed on 03.03.2008 targeting on civilian settlements in Mullaitivu areas. During this many yielding trees were destroyed and Students of Arumugaththankulam School panicked and ran all over the road out of school.


  1. 03.03.2008 Land mines buried at Thondamanaru in Jaffna Sri Lankan army buried the land mines at Akkarai, Thondamanaru in Jaffna.


  1. 04.03.2008 A student (girl) abducted – Valaichchenai, Batticaloa Yoganatham Jasothini, student, aged 16, from Valaichchenai, Batticaloa was abducted on 03.03.2008 during the night by Paramilitary troopers who came in a white van. This was reported to the Valaichchenai Police by the relatives.


  1. 04.03.2008 A dead body of Tamil youth recovered in Amparai A dead body of Tamil youth, estimated to be around 25 years of aged, was recovered with gun shot injuries on 04.03.2008 at 7.00 a.m. at Neeththapallai in Amparai by Akkaraipattu Police. The police said that he might have been shot and killed on 03.03.2008.


  1. 04.03.2008 Tamil Student abducted in Colombo His relatives have complained to the Dupty Minister P.Rathakrishnan that Mr.Yogarajah, a student of

Morawewa University, from Colpetty Colombo was forcibly dragged away from his house on 04.03.2008. He is still missing.

  1. 04.03.2008 Sri Lankan Army steal at Kudaththanai in Vadamarachchi East Jaffna The fishing boats of fishermen at Kudaththanai in Vadamarachchi East in Jaffna are being stolen by the Sri Lankan Army. These stolen boats are used for transport between Ampan and Nagarkoyil river by them.


  1. 04.04.2008 Continuous Shell attack and Aerial bombing in Poonakari

The Sri Lankan Army conducted continuous shell attack on civilian settlements in Poonakari Villages from Kilali Army Camp on 03, 04, 05.03.2008. And aerial attacks were carried on these days in the mornings and evenings. Due to this civilians’ houses, properties, cattle and yielding trees were damaged day by day.


  1. 05.03.2008 Two Tamil youths arrested in Anuradhapura Two Tamil youths aged 22 and 27 were arrested on 05.03.2008 by Sri Lankan Police at Anuradhapura Railway station, while they were travelling in a train from Madawachchi to Colombo.


  1. 05.03.2008 One youth missing in Uduvil Jaffna It is reported at the HRC Office in Jaffna by relatives that Palasubpiramaniyam Kantharuban aged 29

from Uduvil, Jaffna went missing on 05.03.2008, after he went to Jaffna town from his house.


  1. 06.03.2008 Two civilians killed and one injured in a claymore attack

Jaffna District Tamil National Alliance Parliamentratian, Mr.Kiddinan Sivanesan, aged 51, from Mallavi, Mullaitivu, a native of Karaveddi East, Jaffna was killed on 06.03.2008 around 1.30 p.m. in a claymore attack carried out by the Sri Lankan Army Deep Penetration Unit on A‐09 road, Mankulam, Kollarpuliyankulam, Mullaitivu, while he was returning to Wanni from Colombo, after participating in

the Parliamentary session in Colombo. His driver, Mr.Periyanna Maheswararaja, aged 27, father of one child, from Chettikulam, Vavuniya was also killed in this incident. Further, A boy, Arulnathan Louisenathan, aged 11, from Kollarpuliyankulam, Mankulam was injured.


  1. 06.03.2008 Two Tamil journalists arrested in Colombo Sri Lankan Police went to “Outreach” Website Office in Colombo on 06.03.2008 around 7.00 p.m. They checked everything. The editor of this website, Mr V.Jasikaran and his wife were taken and detained by them.



  1. 06.03.2008 One fisherman abducted in Mannar It is reported at the ICRC in Mannar by his wife and his mother that Rasenthiram Antony Ranjan, aged


27, fisherman, father of two children, from Olaithoduvai, Mannar, a native of Kankesanthurai, Jaffna was abducted on 06.03.2008 at 2.30 p.m. by four unidentified armed men who came in a Threewheeler.


  1. 06.03.2008 03 fishermen missing in Mannar It is reported at the Human Rights Organisation in Mannar, that Xaviar Pikirado aged 26; Juvanis Leonard Olpan Pihirado aged 19 and Santhiyogu Sahayanathan Pihirado aged 23 from Pallimunai Mannar had gone missing from 06.03.2008, when they went fishing in the Mannar sea.


  1. 06.03.2008 Sought asylum in Jaffna HRC Office A trader aged 55, and his son a student aged 25 from Thenmarachchi, Jaffna sought asylum at the HRC

Office in Jaffna on 06.03.2008 due to their life being threatened by the Sri Lankan Army and its Paramilitary troopers.


  1. 07.03.2008 One man killed in Jaffna Ratnam Vadivel, aged 62, Ex‐owner of the Communication Center, and father of two children from Thampaddi, Naranthanai, Kayts, one of the islets in Jaffna was shot and killed on 07.03.2008 at 8.30 p.m. in his house by four unidentified armed men.


  1. 07.03.2008 One Journalist arrested in Colombo J.S.Tissanayakam, a Journalist and editor of “Outreach” Website, was arrested on07.03.2008 morning

from the website office and detained by the Sri Lankan Police.


  1. 07.03.2008 05 fishermen missing in Mannar

It is reported at the Human Rights Organisation in Mannar, that Viyoodsan Roch, a family man, aged 30, Arokkiyam Luxman Perera aged 18, Alexshandar John aged 27, Kanesh Kanna aged 19 and Pensamin Ahilan Perera aged 21 from Pallimunai Mannar had gone missing from 07.03.2008, when they went fishing in Mannar sea.


  1. 08.03.2008 One person injured at Analaitivu Jaffna T.Vickineswaran, aged 25, from Word No.03 Analaitivu, Jaffna was sleeping when his name was called at 9.00 p.m. on 08.03.2008 personal from Sri Lankan Army Intelligence took him out and cut him with a sword. He was later admitted at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital.


  1. 08.03.2008 One youth killed in Amparai Veerasingam Kumar, aged 22, from Sinnapanankadu, Aalaiyadivempu, Amparai was taken out side of the house and shot and killed on 08.03.2008 at 8.30 p.m. by unidentified armed men, while it was raining heavily. His dead body was found 50 yard away from his house at Sahamam road on the next day. He was expected to get to Colombo to leave abroad.


  1. 09.03.2008 One man missing in Jaffna It is reported at the HRC Office in Jaffna that Kathiravan Ruban aged 27, from Jaffna Town went missing on 09.03.2008.
  2. 09.03.2008 One fisherman gone missing One fisherman from Katpiddiy camp, a native of Mullaitivu had gone missing on 09.03.2008, while he

was fishing at the Alankuda sea in Katpiddy Puttalam. The fishermen said that they searched for him, but they could not find him.

  1. 09.03.2008 One Tamils was abducted in Colombo Jotheeswaran Sivananthakumar, aged 29, from Colombo was abducted in Colombo on 09.03.2008 during the night at 11.00 by unidentified armed men who came in a white van with the number plate carring 25‐3654 on it.


  1. 10.03.2008 21 Civilians arrested in Kandy and Kokkala A total of 21 civilians were arrested on 10.03.2008 by the Sri Lankan Forces. 13 civilians were arrested in a search operation in Kandy town. 08 Civilians were arrested, when a bus was checked at Kokkalai.


  1. 10.03.2008 Four civilians arrested in Kathirgamam Four civilians including Tamils and Sinhalese were arrested in a search operation carried out by the Sri Lankan Army and Police on 10.03.2008 from 10.00 p.m. till next day noon at Kathirgamam, Naga veethy, Kowthamipuram, Valliyamman Kiramam, Kaminipuram and 20 Acre settlement. Those arrested did not have any prove of identity on them.


  1. 10.03.2008 Five Tamils arrested in Wellawatte Five Tamils were arrested in a search operation carried out by the Sri Lankan Army in Wellawatte area

in Colombo. During this A total of 40 civilians were arrested and all others except five were released.


  1. 10.03.2008 One man abducted in Jaffna Varnakulasingam Kulatheepan, aged 29, father of two children, from Kalaiyadi south, Pandaththarippu, Jaffna was abducted on 10.03.2008 during the night by unidentified armed men.


  1. 10.03.2008 02 fishermen missing in Mannar It is reported at Human Rights Organisation in Mannar, that J.Arokkiyanathan aged 27 and S.Judlas

Pihirodo from Pallimunai Mannar had gone missing from 10.03.2008, when they went fishing in Mannar sea.


  1. 10.03.2008 Sought asylum in Jaffna HRC Office One familied man, aged 35 from Chavakachcheri, and another familied man, aged 40 from Navakkiri,

Jaffna sought asylum at Jaffna HR 11C Office on 10.03.2008 due to the life threat.


  1. 11.03.2008 One youth killed in Meesalai Jaffna Ratnam Vinayageswaran aged 34, from Meesalai West Meesalai; Jaffna was shot and killed on 11.03.2008 at 9.30 a.m. by the Sri Lankan Army Intelligence who came in a motor bike. He was waiting before a bakery at Meesalai Temple road in Jaffna.


  1. 11.03.2008 One man killed in Trincomalee

Sivagnanam Kulasingam, aged 34, father of three children, from Nilaveli, Trincomalee was abducted on 10.03.2008 during the night from his house by unidentified armed men. His dead body was recovered on 11.03.2008 with gunshot injuries on his head at the 7th mile post, Nilaveli.


  1. 12.03.2008 Tamil couples killed in Puththalam

Sakthivelpillai Raja, aged 22 and his wife Niranjala aged 20 from Iralkulai, Vannathivillu; Puththalam were shot and killed on 12.03.2008 at early morning 2.00 by unidentified armed men who came into their house. During this, their two children were at home, but they were unharmed.


  1. 12.03.2008 Sri Lankan army attacked in Kayts

Rasamani Mugunthan aged 27 and Tharmalingam Packiyarasa aged 39 were attacked on 12.03.2008 at Kayts in Jaffna by the Sri Lankan Army, while they were cycling.


  1. 12.03.2008 One person sought asylum in Jaffna HRC

A father of two children aged 28, from Kayts, Jaffna sought asylum in Kayts Magistrate Court on 12.03.2008 due to his life being threatened by Sri Lankan Army and Its Paramilitaries.


  1. 13.03.2008 One man killed in Trincomalee

One Tamil Civilian aged 35 was shot and killed at Ananthapuram, Uppuveli in Trincomalee on 13.03.2008 at 7.00 p.m. by unidentified armed men.


  1. 13.03.2008 Shell attacked in Nayaru

The Sri Lankan army located in Manalaru conducted the shell attack on 13.03.2008 at 2.00 p.m. targeting on civilian settlements in Nayaru. During this yielding trees were destroyed and many private houses were damaged.


  1. 13.03.2008 The Sri Lankan forces suddenly checked up in Kodikamam Jaffna

A sudden check up was conducted on 13.03.208 morning 6.00 till 10.00 by the Sri Lankan Army and Police at Kodikamam in Jaffna. During this the movements of the people were badly affected.


  1. 14.03.2008 Two civilians arrested in Anuraradhapura

Rasenthiram Surenthiran, aged 18, from Chettikulam, Vavuniya and P.Jayanthini, aged 25, from  Muthaliyarkulam, Vavuniya were arrested at the Anuradhathapuram Rail way station, while they were travelling from Vavuniya to Colombo by a train. It is said that they were going to Colombo to leave



  1. 14.03.2008 Seven including 06 Methadist Priest arrested in NuwaraEliya

Nagularajah, Prist of Methadist Chruch in NuwaraEliya and his driver were arrested due to the suspicion on 14.03.2008 by NuwaraEliya Police. Another five priests were arrested with them. These five priests were released after the inquiry was over.


  1. 14.03.2008 One Tamil business man abducted in Hotahena

It is reported to the Kottahena Police by his relatives that Kovinthasamy Rajanathan, aged 65, a textiles business man, from Kalpotta road, Hottahena was abducted on 14.03.2008 by three unidentified persons who came in a white van.


  1. 14.03.2008 Two siblings arrested in Monaragala

Two siblings N.Kirusnenthiran aged 20 and his sister N.Kirusnaveni aged 18, both from Neluwa Estate were arrested and detained on 15.03.2008 evening at the Monaragala bus stand by the Monaragala Police. Police sources said that they failed to prove their identity and the purpose of their visit.


  1. 14.03.2008 An unidentified gang attacked on journalist’s family

An unidentified gang went to M.Parameswary’s house in Gampola Journalist of “Mowpika” on 14.03.2008 during the night and attacked the Parameswary‘s family members. During this attack she was not in her house. Her father was wounded and was admitted at the Hospital.


  1. 14.03.2008 Fishing banned From Thondamanaru to Katkovalam

The Sri Lankan navy banned fishing from Thondamanaru to Katkovalam on 14.03.2008. Navy boats attacked, fired at and threatened the fishermen who disregarded this ban.


  1. 15.03.2008 One youth killed in Kinniya

One youth, aged 24, from Kinniya, Uppuveli, Trincomalee was shot and killed on 15.03.2008 at 8.30 p.m. by Four unidentified men. They went to his house and took him out of his house.


  1. 15.03.2008 One youth missing at Karaveddi in Jaffna

Poopalasuntharam Mahenthiram aged 31 from Karaveddi Jaffna has gone missing on 15.03.2008. It is reported that at the HRC office in Jaffna.


  1. 15.03.2008 A man missing in Jaffna Town

Mayavu Dillirasan aged 41 from Vaddukkoddai Jaffna had gone missing on 15.03.2008, after he went to Jaffna town. It is reported at the HRC office in Jaffna


  1. 15.03.2008 Dead body of missing person recovered in Nallur Jaffna

Thurairatnam Sothirasa, aged 35, from Kachcheri, Nallur road, Jaffna had gone missing on 10.03.2008. His dead body was recovered in a well on 15.03.2008 from this area. His body looked battered. Civilians expressed their suspicion, that the Sri Lankan Army must have abducted and killed him.


  1. 16.03.2008 The Sri Lankan Navy attacked on a boat at Allaipiddy

A total of 08 civilians including an infant were travelling on a boat to Mannar. This boat changed direction and was moving towards Allaipiddiy. The Sri Lankan Navy attacked this boat at Allaipiddiy on 16.03.2008. During this Sellaththurai Ketheeswaran from Nallur, Poonakari, Kilinochchi was killed and Kanthasamy Suthakaran from Kilinochchi was injured. Other six injured persons were arrested and handed over to the Kayts Police. All of them were detained. Their names are: Suthakaran Sivatharmini from Kilinochchi, her infant, Kanagasingam Jeyachchelvi, aged 25, from Kilinochchi, Kaneshan Sopishan, aged 28, from Kadshan road, Vaddakkachchi, Kilinochchi, Kanapathipillai Panchalingam,

aged 44, a boatman, from Sivapuram, Kiranchi, Poonakari, Kilinochchi and Vinasithamby Sithamparanathan, aged 50, from Kilinochchi.


  1. 16.03.2008 Shell attack carried out by the Sri Lankan Army

Shell attack was carried out targeting civilian settlement on 16.03.2008 at 11.30 a.m. by the Sri Lankan. During this V.Sivakumar was wounded and his house and M.Sellaththurai’s house were damaged. People of Andankulam and Arumugaththankulam are scared due to this shell attack.


  1. 16.03.2008 Tamil student abducted in Colombo Tharmakulasingam Mayooran, a student, from Jaffna was abducted on 16.03.2008 morning 7.00 at

Sangamiththa Mawata in Colombo. It is reported at the Kotahena Police by his mother.

  1. 16.03.2008 The Sri Lankan Navy attacked in Nayaru Mullaitivu The Sri Lankan Navy attacked on fishermen from Nayaru Mullaitivu on 16.03.2008 at 11.00 a.m. During this the fishermen cut off their nets and reached ashore.


  1. 17.03.2008 25 Civilians missing in Jaffna North East Secretariat on Human Rights reported that 25 Civilians had gone missing from 01.01.2008 till 17.03.2008 in Jaffna the Peninsula. A total of 141 civilians 137 Males including 03 children, and 04 Females were killed last year. A total of 267 civilians, 240 Males including 05 boys and 27 Females including 12 girls were missing last year.


  1. 17.03.2008 Two hours allowed to catch the fish The Sri Lankan Navy allowed fishing only for two hours from morning 8.00 till 10.00. It is noted that

they were allowed earlier from 6.00 a.m. till 1.00 p.m.


  1. 18.03.2008 One man killed and another one injured in Shell attack

The Sri Lankan Army located in Kilaly Jaffna conducted shell attacks on 18.03.2008 at 10.30 a.m. targeting civilian settlements in Selvapuram Poonakari. During this Mahalingam Sasikumar, aged 24, father of one child from Selvapuram Poonakari was killed and Selvarasa Tharshan, a student of Vannerikulam M.V. G.C.E. O/L, aged 16 from Selvapuram Poonakari was injured and was admitted at

the Kilinochchi Hospital.


  1. 18.03.2008 One Tamil youth abducted in Monaragala

It is reported Member of the Upcountry People’s Front in Uva Provincial, that M.Tharmaraja, aged 26, from Kumpukkan Estate, Monaragala was abducted on 18.03.2008 afternoon 2.00 p.m. while he was returning from Monaragale Magistrate Court by bus at Mooppanaveli by unidentified armed men who came in a white van. The unidentified armed men stopped the bus and abducted him on gunpoint.


  1. 18.03.2008 One Tamil youth killed in Amparai

Ilaiyathamby Karthigesu aged 29 from Kiramothaya road Kalmunai Amparai was shot and killed on 18.03.2008 in the afternoon at 3.00 on the main street at Karaitheevu in Amparai by two unidentified armed men who came in a bicycle.


  1. 18.03.2008 One Tamil abducted at Kotahena Unidentified armed men who came in a van abducted Kunaretnam Krishnarajah, a father of two children, from Jampetta road, Kotahena, Colombo on 18.03.2008. His wife reported it at the Kotahena police and the civil monitoring mission.


  1. 19.03.2008 Two Tamil youths arrested in Mathawachchi Anuradhapura Police arrested two Tamil youths both from Sinnakkadai Mannar on 19.03.2008 in



  1. 19.03.2008 A farmer did not return home.

Sellaththurai Jegan aged 31 from Nunavil Thenmarachchi Jaffna did not return home, after he went to Jaffna town on 19.03.2008. It is reported at HRC office in Jaffna.


  1. 20.03.2008 Sri Lankan Army conducted search operation at Karainagar

A search operation was carried out by the Sri Lankan Army at Karainagar Kalapoomi one of the islets in Jaffna on 20.03.2008 from 7.00 p.m. until 10.00 p.m. During this, the Sri Lankan army told the people that they should not keep any outside people and that they should inform them if anybody from their

home stayed in other places.


  1. 21.03.2008 One Tamil arrested in Matara K.Thurairajah, aged 35, from Pirapara Estate Matara was arrested on 21.03.2003 by Sri Lankan Police.


  1. 21.03.2008 Traffic closed in Jaffna twice The traffic was closed from Point Pedro to Valvai veli on 21.03.2008 on the morning from 9.00 until

11.00 and in the evening from 3.00 until 4.00 to allow the Sri Lankan Army convoy. During this, the people on the move were affected badly.


  1. 21.03.2008 Sri Lankan Army shot at the fishermen The Sri Lankan Navy indiscriminately fired at the fishermen who were in the sea fishing in the Sakkoddai sea. Due to this, the fishemen returned to the land. It has to to be noted that these fishemen got the prior permission from the Sri Lankan Navy before they went to the sea.


  1. 22.03.2008 Three Tamil youths arrested in Kotahena Kottahena Police arrested three Tamil youths of the Net café communication at Sangamiththa Mawatha in Kottahena on 22.03.2008 during the night on suspicion by Kottahena police. Two of them, Thinesh aged 20, a owner of the net café and Sivaruban aged 25, partner of the this net café were released and another one Kathirgamanathan Yugarajah who was living in a lodge with his family at old Moor street, aged 25, a native of Jaffna was detained. Kathirkamanathan Uvarajah’s mother reports it to the duputy minister Mr.P.Rathakrishnan.


  1. 23.03.2008 15 civilians arrested in Waththekama A sudden search operation was carried out at the business centers, common places and bus stand in

Waththekama area on 23.03.2008 from morning 9.00 until after noon 1.00. During this 15 civilians including 05 women who did not have any proof for their identy, were arrested and detained for inquiry.


  1. 23.03.2008 05 persons missing in Batticaloa It is reported at the Batticaloa Police and at the International Red Cross Committee that 05 civilians went missing in Batticaloa. Letchumanan Thevasansayan aged 22, Perinparasa Puvirasa, aged 33, father of three children, both from Manmunai went to Theththatheevu on 23.03.2008 evening in their motor bikes for school building construction work. But they did not reach the school. Another three civilians, two from Manmuani and one from Kukkuvil area in Batticaloa went missing. It is suspected

that the Sri Lankan Special Task Force must have taken them.


  1. 23.03.2008 A student arrested in Batticaloa

Suntharamoorthy Ananthan, aged 28, a student of the Batticaloa Technical College, living in

Pankudaveli, a native of Paduvankarai, Batticaloa was arrested on 06.03.2008 by the Sri Lankan Special

Task Force and handed over with Batticaloa Police. He use to have fits from his young age. Since he is

detained at the police station. He is fuffering from chest pain.


  1. 23.03.2008 One Tamil arrested in Search opration

One Tamil youth was arrested in a search operation on 23.03.2008 from dawn to dusk carried out by

the Sri Lankan Army and Police in Peradeniya . He was detained at the Peradeniya Police Station for

further investigation.


  1. 23.03.2008 A student sought asylum at the HRC office in Jaffna

Thanapalasingam Thileepan, aged 20, A/L student of Puththur Somaskantha College from Vanniyasingam road, Avarankal, Jaffna sought asylum on 23.03.2008 at the HRC office in Jaffna due to fearing. Because the Sri Lankan Army took his identy card, he was scared.


  1. 24.03.2008 One Tamil youth injured in Badulla

Paramasivam Raguwaran, aged 18, from Badulla was injured in a Kaman Kooththu function when he was attacked by the Sinhala youths. He was admitted at the Badulla Hospital.


  1. 24.03.2008 Three students abducted Moratuwa

Unidentified persons, who came in a white van, abducted three graduate students of the Moratuwa University on 24.03.2008 when they were waiting to go abroad after completting their degree. It is reported to the deputy minister Mr.P.Rathakrishnan. Their names are : Thampappillai Kajan from

Madduvil Jaffna, Sivalingam Aarooran from Vadamarachchi Jaffna and Kaneshan Selvaranjan from

Alaveddy Jaffna.


  1. 24.03.2008 HRC Officer threatened over the phone

Jaffna HRC officer reported at the HRC Head Office in Colombo that he had received death threats

over the phone on 24.03.2008 during the night twice by unidentified persons.


  1. 24.03.2008 One sought asylum at the HRC office in Jaffna

Nadarasa Suvarnarajah, aged 28, a mason, a father of one child, from Meesalai, Chavakachcheri, Jaffna sought asylum at the HRC Office in Jaffna on 24.03.2008 due to his life being threatened by the Sri Lankan Army.


  1. 25.02.2008 A person arrested in Colombo

Mr.Karthigesu Mayooran who was living in Colombo for 25 years, aged 43, father of three children. He is a native of Velanai. He was arrested on suspicion on 25.02.2008 at Borella by the Sri Lankan Police. He was detained at the Grandpass Police station. This was reported to Minister Mr.Rathakrishann by his mother.


  1. 25.03.2008 Sri Lankna Navy arrested 11 fleeing refugees.

A total of 11 civilians were arrested on 25.03.2008 by Kayts Sri Lankan Navy, when they were on their way to Tamil Nadu as displaced people. They were arrested by the Sri Lankan Navy and produced before Kayts Magistrate Courts. Their names are : Sebastiyampillai Johnpillai, Sebastiyampillai Mary Jesintha, Sebastiyampillai Vithushan‐ 05 months old infant, Sebastiyampillai Vimalrajah these four from Word‐05, Puthukkudiyirupp Mullaitivu, Chenthamilchchelvan Thusikala, Chenthamilchchelvan Nishanthan‐aged 21, Chenthamilchchelvan Kovithan‐aged 17, Chenthamilchchelvan Kovinthan‐aged 09, these four from Sivanagar Puthukkudiyiruppu Mullaitive, Vicent Judsan from Koddaiyady Visuvamadu Ananthan Rajithan and his brother Ananthan Rajith both from Thalaiyadi Chempiyanpattu Jaffna.


  1. 25.03.2008 One man abducted in Jaffna High Security Zone

Subramaniyam Jenarththanan, a young familied person, aged 30, from Pandiyanthalvu, Kolombuthurai, Jaffna was abducted on 25.03.2008 in the evening at 5.00 o’clock in the Jaffna High Security Zone. Earlier he was detained in Jaffna prison due to death threats by Sri Lankan Army paramilitary troopers. He was later admitted at the Jaffna hospital for treatment for Chicken guniya. He was abducted while he was returning from the hospital. It is reported at the HRC Office in Jaffna by his wife.


  1. 25.03.2008 Sri Lankan army banned fishing

Sri Lankan Navyhas made a special order to ban fishing from Point Pedro Munai, Katkovalam to Valvettithurai on 25.03.2008. The fishermen who went fishing, were sent back by the Sri Lankan Navy,when they went fishing


  1. 25.03.2008 Sri Lankan Army conducted search operation

Sri Lankan Army and Police conducted a search operation on 25.03.2008 at Navanthurai in Jaffna.


  1. 26.03.2008 One Tamil youth arrested in Vavuniya

One Tamil youth was arrested in suspicion on 26.03.2008 in Vavuniya. He is detained by the Terrorist Intelligence Division.


  1. 27.02.2008 A youth went missing

It is reported at the HRC Office in Jaffna that Mahalingam Piratheepan, aged 27, from Urelu, Jaffna had gone missing on 27.02.2008.


  1. 27.03.2008 One fisherman missing in Mannar

Sebastiyampillai Antonyrajah, aged 30, a fisherman, from Word‐08, Pesalai, Mannar has gone missing on 27.03.2008, when he went to Pariluddan Kaddik Kudiyiruppu on his bibycle. He has not returned home as yet. His wife reported this at Mannar Social Welfair centre.


  1. 27.03.2008 One woman arrested at Motara

Sri Lankan Police arrested Kanapathipillai Tharsani, aged 31, from Motara in Colombo, a native of Murasumoddai Kilinochchi on 27.03.2008. She was staying at Motara since 2003 to go to Canada. She was expected to join her husband there. She was detained at the Terrorist Intelligence Department of the Sri Lankan Police. Her mother reported it to the deputy minister Mr.P.Rathakrishanan.


  1. 28.02.2008 A youth arrested in Train Navalapiddy Police arrested Murugaiya Thilageswaran from Akkarapattana on 28.02.2008, while he was travelling by Udarattamenikke Train from Badulla to Colombo.


  1. 28.02.2008 A student of Jaffna University went missing

Jaffna University Student Union said, that a Science Faculty first year student of the Jaffna University K.Saseetharan, aged 28 went missing on 28.02.2008 when he went to buy things in a shop adjoining the campus.


  1. 28.03.2008 ‐ Two women injured in Vavuniya

Two unidentified armed men attacked with hand grenade on a private communication center at Maharambaikulam in Vavuniya on 28.03.2008. During this attack Rajini aged 30 and Yogaranai aged 23 both from Maharambaikulam were injured when they were inside this communication centre.


  1. 28.03.2008 ‐ One man arrested in Nuwara Eliya One Tamil youth from Up‐country was arrested in a search operation on 28.03.2008 at Kanthapola Nuwara Eliya. He was detained at the Terrorist Intelligence Division.


  1. 28.03.2008 ‐ One boy arrested in Kandy Pavithran aged 14, beradwinner of his family, from Pandarikulam Vavuniya was arrested at the Kandy bus stand on 28.03.2008 by the Sri Lankan Police, when he went to Kandy searching for a job.


  1. 28.03.2008 One woman killed in Vavuniya

Alfred Puspa aged 39, mother of three children from Thekkankadu Vavuniya was shot and killed at her home on 28.03.2008 9.00 p.m. by four unidnetified armed men, who came in bicycles.


  1. 28.03.2008 ‐ One Tamil youth killed in bomb attacked

Keerththy Vijai aged 28 from Word‐08, Akkaraipattu; Amparai was killed in a bomb blast on 28.03.2008 at 7.00 a.m. On the Alaiyadivempu road, while he was going to Alaiyadivempu


  1. 29.03.2008 ‐ A doctor killed in Moneragala

Dr.Narayanan Muththulingam, aged 41, Deputy chairman of the Moneragala Pirathesa Sabah was shot and injured on 29.03.2008 in the evening at 6.05 while he was about to leave his pharmacy. He was admitted at Moneragala hospital. But he succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.


  1. 29.03.2008 ‐ One man killed in Batticaloa

Krunthaipillai Vijai, aged 22, a father of two children, a mason, from Kannakipuram, Akkaraipattu, Amparai was shot and killed at Kaluwanchikudy Oththachchimadam Batticaloa by unidentified armed men who came in a white van, while he was involved in an 80 houses building project.


  1. 29.03.2008 ‐ Aerial bombing in Puthukkudiyiruppu Sri Lankan air force planes were circling over Puthukkudiyiruppu areas on 29.03.2008 night from 8.05 to 9.45. They attacked with the help of Para lights at 9.45. During this attack people in these areas were frightened.


  1. 30.03.2008 ‐ Aerial bombing at Mullitivu areas.

Aerial bombing conducted at Mullaitivu areas on 30.03.2008 noon 12.45 p.m. by Sri Lankan Air Force. During this attack, equipments of fishermen were destroyed and many coconut trees were also destroyed. The fishermen escaped without loss of life as they safeguarded themselves.


  1. 31.03.2008 ‐ One teacher killed in Batticaloa One teacher of the 40th village Govt.T.M. School was shot and killed at Kaluwanchikudy Eruvil in Batticaloa on 31.03.2008 by paramilitary troopers.


  1. March 2008 ‐ Two youths arrested at Nunavil in Jaffna

A search operation was conducted from 4.00 a.m. till 10.00 a.m. on 15.03.2008 at Nunavil in Thenmarachchi Jaffna by the Sri Lankan Army. During this operation two youths were arrested for inquiry by them.

  1. March 2008 ‐ An engineer detained in 4th floor Colombo

Akilan, an engineer, from Colombo was abducted on March 2008. He was detained at the 4th Floor of the police interrogation division in Colombo.


  1. March 2008 ‐ One Tamil detained in Wattale

Unidentified armed men who came in a white van abducted Poologarajah Sasikaran, from WellawatteColombo in March 2008. He was detained at the interrogation division at the Wattale police station.


  1. March 2008 ‐ One Tamil detained in Colombo

Siththiravel Sinanantham from Colombo was abducted in March 2008 and detained in Colombo.


  1. March 2008 ‐ One Tamil youth arrested in Pananthurai

Rajenthiran Piratheep, aged 27, from Kesalwaththai Pananthurai, who was living with his mother, was arrested and detained in March 2008 by the Colombo coastal police officers


  1. March 2008 ‐ An old man attacked at Kaithadi in Jaffna

Mr.Kanthappu Vinasiththamby, an old man, aged 58, from Kaithadi was attacked on 05.03.2008 by Sri Lankan Army, because he was moving around after 6.00 p.m.


  1. March 2008 ‐ Youths and Ladies details collected in Jaffna

The Sri Lankan Army has begun to collect the details of the youths and women in Jaffna. It is said that the Sri Lankan army has decided to collect the details on A.G.A Division wise. The Sri Lankan army decided to commence this project first from Karainagar.

  1. March 2008 ‐ Sri Lankan government banned transport cement

Kilinochchi Govern men Agent said that the Sri Lankan Army banned transport of Cement to Wanni. The Cement was brought to Wanni last year, but this year, it is banned. Due to this, building works are not carried out in Wannai.


  1. March 2008 ‐ Prices of Goods and Milk foods increased in Jaffna

It is reported in Jaffna that prices of Goods and Milk foods are increasing in Jaffna. Infants’ milk is available only in the shops in Jaffna town. These items are unavailable in other places.


  1. March 2008 ‐ Patients suffer at Puthukkudiyiruppu Hospital

Mullai.Puthukkudiyiruppu Hospital Sources said that Medicine for the first quarter in 2008 has not reached the hospital. The patients at the hospital are expected to undergo suffering.


  1. March 2008 ‐ Traffic banned in Urumpirai Jaffna

The Sri Lankan Army banned all movement by anybody at Urumpirai areas after 5.00 p.m. The Sri Lankan Army, who was exercising vigil on bicycles from Urelu army camp, attacked the people with batons and chains in evening.


  1. March 2008 ‐ Fishing boat owner went out Jaffna A catamaran factory owner from Inparuddi Jaffna went out to Jaffna due to his life was threatened by

the Sri Lankan Army. It is said that the fishermen from Thondamanar to Kudaththani were depending

on this boat factory for fishing


  1. Marsch 2008 ‐ Sexual harassed in Amparai

It is reported that the Sri Lankan Army Special Task Force are sexually molesting young girls and young widows in Amparai during the past days.


  1. March 2008 ‐ The Sri Lankan Army rob during the curfew time

It is reported that the Sri Lankan army is involved in robbing during the curfew time at Avarankal area in Valikamam Jaffna. It is noted that, two shops were robbed recently 50 meters away from the Sri Lankan Army checkpoint.


  1. March 2008 ‐ 138 Tamils detained at Poosa prison

It is said that 138 Tamils are detained at Poosa prison. Nine are women. All of them were arrested and detained under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.


  1. March 2008 ‐ The Sri Lankan Army collected the family details

The Sri Lankan Army is involved in collecting details of families. The particulars of young men and girls are subjected to special entries.


  1. March 2008 ‐ The Sri Lankan Army banned meetings

The Sri Lankan Army banned public meetings at Manthuvil area in Thenmarachchi. The Sri Lankan Forces have ordered that prior permission should be obtained to celeberate Weddings and Birthday parties. Already a rule exists that prior permission be obtained from army for the use of loud speakers.


  1. March 2008 ‐ Three students of Jaffna University threatened

It is reported at the HRC Office in Jaffna that three students of Jaffna University Art Faculty were being life threatened through the telephone and personally by the Sri Lankan Force.


  1. March 2008 ‐ 4325 families displaced in Mannar

It is said that 15970 members of the 4235 families from Mannar, Manthai West and Madu areas were displaced by the end of 2006 due to the Sri Lankan Army attack.


  1. March 2008 ‐ Sri Lankan Government banned building items transport

The Sri Lankan Government banned the transport of building materials including timber to Jaffna Peninsula. Due to this, these items are rare there.


  1. March 2008 ‐ 42 Schools displaced at Vavuniya North

Director of Education of the Vavuniya North said that 42 schools of the Vavuniya North were

displaced due to the Sri Lankan Army operations.


  1. March 2008 ‐ 47 civilians abducted in Colombo and Suburbs

The Deputy Minister Mr.P.Rathakrishanan said that 47 civilians were abducted in Colombo and its suburbs. 10 of them have returned and some were left in faraway places. 129 males and 09 women detained at the Boosa camp and 71 males and 06 women were detained at the Colombo Division of Prevension Terrorism.


  1. March 2008 ‐ Printer owners threatened in Vadamarachchi

The Sri Lankan Army threatened printer Owners, because they printed the posters on the memorial ceremony of the Member of the Parliamentarian Mr. K.Sivanesan who was killed in a claymore attack on 06.03.2008 by the Sri Lankan Army Deep Penetration Unit.


  1. March 2008 ‐ Two youths sought asylum at the HRC office in Jaffna

Two youths from Jaffna sought asylum on March 2008 at the HRC Office in Jaffna due to their lives being threatened by the Sri Lankan Army.


  1. March 2008 ‐ Sri Lankan Forces asked details.

Sri Lankan Army Head Office in Jaffna peninsula asked the details of the Jaffna University Students who stayed in University hostels. As the students objected to the University, society has said that they would give the students’ details if the orders come from the Minister of the Education.

1.Nachchikuda strafing – 16.03.1996

The Poonagari area of Kilinochchi district is a historically important area. This was a centre of ancient kingdoms and commerce. A fishing village in Poonagari is Nachchikuda. On 16.03.1996, early morning MI‐24 helicopters belonging to the Sri Lankan military began strafing the Nachchikuda village settlement. People sleeping at home and fishermen at sea were hit by the shells. 16 people were killed. Hundreds of fishermen’s huts were burnt out. Following this attack the village displaced from Nachchikuda.


  1. Eeddimurinchan massacre – 19, 20.03.1986

Eeddimurnchan village is situated in the Vavuniya district. Most people in the village are farmers. In the 1970’s upcountry Tamils displaced from their homes due to violence by the Sinhala mobs were settled in the settlements of Dollar farm, Ken farm, Ceylon Theater and others like it in Vavuniya. In the 1980’s the Sri

Lankan military chased these upcountry Tamils from their homes in these settlements and settled Sinhala prisoners in their homes and armed them as well.

These Sinhala prisoners tormented the long term residents of the area with thefts of their livestock, farm products and homes. The prisoners also started to attack the people. On 19.03.1986, the Sri Lankan military and the settled Sinhala prisoners came through the jungle in many military vehicles and arrived at Eeddimurinchan village at 4.30 pm. They started shooting the people and burning their homes. They also took away all valuable things from the homes. On the next day the military and Sinhala groups rounded up the Nedunkerni village early in the morning. They

started shooting everyone including old people and children. 20 people were killed in the two days of violence. Property worth hundreds of thousands of rupees was also damaged. The Sri Lankan Air Force helicopter provided cover for the military on land to carry out the massacre. The strafing by the helicopter damaged houses in Periyakulam, 3 Kms away as well. Frightened people took refuge in the jungles. Fearing the military, relatives took the bodies of their family members and buried them in the jungle.


3.Old Vaddakachchi bombing – 26.03.1998

Old Vaddakachchi is an ancient village in the Kilinochchi district. The largest water reservoir in the region, the Iranaimadhu water reservoir, is in this village. The rice fields in this village are able to produce twice a year using the water from this reservoir. Old Vaddakachchi is presently called Periyakulam. Due its rich fields with abundance of water the people are prosperous. In 1996, the Sri Lankan military began its “Sathjeya” operation to capture Kilinochchi. As the military advanced with shelling and bombing it destroyed people’s property and several civilians were killed. On 26.03.1998, at 8.00 am Sri Lankan Air Force Kfir jets dropped a bomb in the Velikandan area and five bombs fell near the house of Arunasalam Velayutham. Two people working in front of Velayutham’s house, Velayutham’s daughter, who was inside the house and two more people working in the yard, and one person in the house in front were killed. In total 6 people were killed and five were wounded. Velayutham’s home and farm equipment were all destroyed in this bombing.

Arunasalam Vethanayagam says,

“My daughter Mankayatkarasi was killed in the Sri Lankan bombing on 26.03.1998. My home was completely destroyed.” Velayutham Paramswari says, “My son was killed on 26.03.1998 by the Sri Lankan military bombing” Selvaratnam Jeyaluxmi says, “My sister was killed on 26.03.1998 by the Sri Lankan military bombing”


4.Chunnakam market massacre 28.03.1984

Chunnakam market is situated 7 Kms from Jaffna town on Chunnakam road. This is a central market where most agricultural products grown in Jaffna, Kilinochchi and also other district are brought for sale. On 28.03.1984, Sri Lankan military arrived in tanks and jeeps at the Chunnakam market and the bus stop and started opening fire at the people crowded in these two places. Eight civilians were killed and about 50 were injured. The military set fire to the market and many shops were burnt down. The military then left the location and drove through Mallakam along KKS road. There they started shooting everyone who came within their sight. One civilian was killed. From here the military went to Tellipalai. There, students from the Union College, who were coming out of the school after writing an examination, were attacked. 26 students were injured in this attack. Another 20 civilians who happened to be on the same road were also injured.

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