Vallipunam Senchcholai massacre-Vallipunam Senchcholai massacre -29

Full name: Sivamayajeyam Kokila
Address: Udayarkaddu South
Occupation: Student
School: Mullai. Udayarkaddu
DOB: 28.02.1989
Age (then): 17
Marital status: Single

Family details:

Account from a relative
My daughter Kokila was studying in Udayarkaddu Mahavidyalayam. She went to participate in a leadership workshop for the High school students. When she left to attend the workshop she said that she would return after 15 days. On 14 August 2006, morning, the Sri Lankan air force Kfirs attacked the Vallipunam area. The news spread that the location where the school girls were participating in the leadership workshop was attacked by the Kfir jets. I was nervous
and immediately left to search for my daughter. I couldn’t find her. That evening her dead body was brought home by the school administration. This is nothing new to the Sinhala Government. This time my daughter was a victim.

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