Vallipunam Senchcholai massacre:- Raveenthirarasa Ramja-37

Full name: Raveenthirarasa Ramja
Address: Thodoyadi Visuvamadu
Occupation: Student
School: Mullai. Visuvamadu M.V
DOB: 14.11.1988
Age (then): 18
Marital status: Single

Family details:

Account from a relative:
My daughter Ramja is my eldest daughter. She was following GCE Advanced Level courses at Mullaithivu Mahavidhyalayam. She went to attend a leadership workshop with her friends. On Monday Kfir bombers attacked the Vallipunam, Senchcholai complex where hundreds of students were gathered together. We heard that she was
admitted to the Kilinochchi hospital and my husband and I left on a motorbike to Kilinochchi. When we reached the hospital we heard that she had died. I shocked, my legs refused to walk. Then I saw my daughter’s dead body. She had injuries in her entire body. The government killed her at such a young age.

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